100 Years Ago: Portion of 235th Battalion Arrive in Belleville, Home Snapshots for Soldiers

The Intelligencer October 20, 1916 (page 1)

“Portion of the 235th Battalion in Belleville. Nos. 1 and 2 Companies of the 235th Battalion which battalion will be quartered in Belleville this winter arrived at 1.30 this afternoon.

The regimental band, the bugle band and the staff accompanied the men. In all about 350 came to the city and other companies which are doing recruiting work in this district will later on arrive here. The men are soldierly in appearance and marched well.

They arrived here by a G. T. R. special and were conveyed down the city per the Grand Junction Railway and detrained at the market square. A number of citizens were present and the appearance of the men was favorably commented upon. Headed by the regimental band the men paraded to the barracks on Pinnacle Street, where they will be quartered. …

No. 3 Company is at present in Campbellford but will join those here in a few days. …  Members of the battalion have two pets namely a fox and a very pretty pup. The greater portion of the men who arrived here today are from Bowmanville and immediate vicinity.”

The Intelligencer October 20, 1916 (page 7)

“Snapshots from Home for Soldiers Overseas. The Military Service Department of the Y.M.C.A. of Canada, is arranging for photographs of the wife and children or other relatives of men serving at the front, and forwarding these overseas.

In one case a soldier had a snapshot sent to him, his first view of his baby born seven months before.—From Canadian Manhood.”