100 Years Ago: 254th County Battalion for Hastings and Prince Edward, Captain O’Flynn to 247th, Sergeant Jones Reaches Quebec, Corporal Clifford Wounded

The Intelligencer November 7, 1916 (page 1)

“New County Battalion Authorized for Hastings and Prince Edward. Word has been received in the city this morning from Military Headquarters that the new County Battalion for Hastings and Prince Edward had been authorized.

The number of this new military organization will be the 254th and will be commanded by Major A. P. Allen of this city, who, we understand, will commence immediately to select his junior officers and submit his selection to Headquarters for approval. Major Allen and Capt. Hyman proceeded to Kingston today on the noon train. The Intelligencer congratulates Major Allen on his appointment.

Mr. E. Guss Porter, K.C., M.P., received the following telegram this morning from the Minister of Militia’s Secretary:—’Leave has been granted to recruit the 254th Battalion in this district. Major A. P. Allen in command.’ ”

The Intelligencer November 7, 1916 (page 2)

“Settles O’Flynn Controversy. The appointment of Captain O’Flynn of Belleville, as second in command of the 247th Battalion of Peterboro, settles the controversy that has been waging for some time in Belleville as to who would command the new battalion proposed for Hastings County.

Captain O’Flynn was a candidate for the appointment, and his many friends were urging that the young returned officer be given the rank of Lieut.-Col. and placed in command of the Belleville unit.”

The Intelligencer November 7, 1916 (page 2)

“Returning Home. Mr. Nelson Jones residing on Yeomans street, Belleville, last evening received a telegram from his son Sergt. E. G. Jones stating that he had arrived safely at Quebec and would arrive home in a few days.

Sergt. Jones enlisted at Trenton and went overseas with the 21st Battalion and was wounded in the arm and thigh and has been invalided home.”

The Intelligencer November 7, 1916 (page 6)

“Corp. Clifford Wounded. Word has been received by friends in this city that Corp. A. E. Clifford, 219686 now of the 44th Battalion, has been wounded and recently admitted to Dunston War Hospital, Northamptonshire. Corporal Clifford left with the 80th  battalion last spring.”