100 Years Ago: Plans Begun for British Red Cross Campaign, War Souvenir Arrives

The Intelligencer November 22, 1916 (page 1)

“Will Collect Fund for the British Red Cross. In response to a notice from Mayor Ketcheson, a public meeting was last evening held in the City Hall for the purpose of organizing the city for a one day’s campaign for funds for the British Red Cross Society. The meeting, while not largely attended, was representative, and a few ladies were present.

In the absence of Mayor Ketcheson from the city, Ald. Woodley opened the meeting, and outlined the object of the meeting. The speaker eulogized the Red Cross Society, and the noble work it was engaged in. Committees should be formed to make a thorough canvass of the city, to procure funds for the worthy object.

On motion Judge Wills was voted as Chairman of the Red Cross Campaign, and His Honor thanked those present for the honor conferred upon him. It was not necessary, he stated, to elaborate upon the work of the British Red Cross Society. It is a Society that is doing a grand work.

The Lieut.-Governor of Ontario, has asked Mayor Ketcheson for the City of Belleville to contribute to this noteworthy Society. The amount we should contribute is with ourselves, and the giving should be done by each and every individual in the city.

We should impress upon the citizens the necessity of contributing to two funds, namely the Red Cross and the Patriotic Fund. These demands are increasing, but we should contribute to the same. The needs of the patriotic fund now are about $5,000 a month, and next year we must look forward to subscribing too.

We should prepare an organization to canvass the city for the Red Cross fund. Committees should be appointed to carry on the campaign in a systematic manner. …  Work was needed to be done to make the campaign a success. People were waiting to give to the Red Cross Fund. Perfect the organization of the city, and the Ward system considered was the best means of attaining the end aimed at.

Ald. Deacon was in favor of the appointing of the same committee, which so successfully conducted the patriotic campaign fund. The ladies would co-operate, and the Ward system be approved of. There was considerable detail work to be done, and various committees would have to be appointed to carry on the campaign. A permanent organization could be formed, and the committees appointed could have power to add to their numbers. …

Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen were selected for the various polling sub-divisions of the Wards, and they are to select their working committees. They will meet in the Council Chamber on Friday evening next.”

The Intelligencer November 22, 1916 (page 4)

“A War Souvenir from the Trenches. The Women’s Khaki Club of this city, of which Miss Faulkner is the energetic President, and Miss Evalyn McCarthy, Secretary, devoted much of their time in collecting and making useful articles for the boys who had gone to the front to meet their country’s foes. Among the many useful articles collected and sent overseas were small pads, upon which to write letters to their parents and friends at home.

To make these pads more interesting, post-cards which had been received by members of the Club, were pasted upon the covers of the pads. One of the cards which had a picture of High Park, Toronto, was picked up on a street in France by one of the boys, and finding the name of Miss McCarthy upon it, returned it to her, with the following letter. It is needless to say it is highly prized as a souvenir of the war:

Sept. 27, 1916, 440013, No. 2 D. Unit of 8. C.A.S.C. A.P.O. 8 11, France. Dear Miss McCarthy:—No doubt you will be surprised to have this post-card returned to you, which will be quite a souvenir for you to keep, having been found somewhere in France. I cannot give you the exact location as we are not permitted to disclose names of places. Kindly let me know if you receive this. Yours sincerely, Pte. Tommy Glover.”