100 Years Ago: Battalion Recruiting to End, 235th Battalion Patriotic Concert, Red Cross Tea Held, 254th Battalion Band Arrives

The Intelligencer November 25, 1916 (page 1)

“Draft System for Overseas. Ottawa. A new system of reinforcing the troops overseas is announced. The old battalion system is being abandoned in favor of a draft system.

This will mean not only the discontinuance of the practice of authorizing, recruiting and sending battalions overseas intact; but the probable breaking up of some of the battalions already authorized and recruiting in Canada, these battalions being converted into drafts for overseas. The new scheme will mean that men will go overseas with a minimum of delay.”

The Intelligencer November 25, 1916 (page 1)

“Successful Event By 235th Batt. The 235th Battalion’s Patriotic Concert at Griffin’s Opera House last night was well patronized. The concert is one that will be long remembered by those who attended, it being one of the best heard here for some time.

Miss Ruby Fiske, and Miss Florence Good, the two young talented artists from Toronto, furnished the greater part of the programme. …

During the intermission, Lt.-Col. Scobell, O.C. of the 235th Battalion, thanked the audience for their attendance at the concert. The proceeds, the speaker explained, were to be used in securing the wants of the men of the battalion.

At the beginning of the war it cost the Government about $10 for every man whereas now it costs $25, so that people can imagine what it costs for 1100 men. This amount is provided, partly by the Government and the rest by these concerts.

The colonel also thanked Miss Fiske and Miss Good, who had offered their services to the battalion free of charge.

An event which greatly interested the audience, was the presentation of a wrist watch, to Private George Watts, who was successful in disposing of 179 tickets for the concert. Pte. Watts has seen service in the present war, being a member of the 2nd Battalion. He was invalided home and after recovering signed up with the 235th Battalion in order to return to the front.”

The Intelligencer November 25, 1916 (page 1)

“Tea Was Success. The Red Cross Tea held in Queen Mary School on Thursday afternoon, by the Women’s Institute of West Belleville, proved a very successful affair, despite the bad weather.

The Red Cross quilt made by the ladies was won by Dr. Duprau. In addition to the proceeds from the tea and quilt, some liberal subscriptions were given by a few ladies and gentlemen present to aid the Institute in its work, bringing the total proceeds up to $108.”

The Intelligencer November 25, 1916 (page 2)


“The 254th Bat. band arrived in the city this afternoon at C.P.R. depot at 2.15. The band paraded from the station to the Armouries and were met with a large crowd of citizens who turned out to welcome the bandsmen to their home town.”