100 Years Ago: Palace Theatre Receipts to Red Cross, Bantam Recruits

The Intelligencer December 5, 1916 (page 6)


“Help the Red Cross To-morrow. The Matinee Receipts at the Palace Theatre To-morrow, Dec. 6th Will Be Donated To The Red Cross. If Everyone Will Attend It will Give Us $60 Dollars. Will You Help? The biggest and best show ever given in Belleville will be shown. 10—Quality Reels—10. Admission 10c. Give and Heal.”

The Intelligencer December 5, 1916 (page 7)

“Bantam Recruits. The 216th Bantam Battalion, which has been recruiting so rapidly, is certainly long on short men. It has 960 of them.

Men below the average height are quite capable of performing the duties of military life in modern war. The Japanese, a race of short men are recognized as unsurpassed fighters. It is familiar tradition that a great many of the famous generals including Napoleon and Lord Roberts were small men. …

The military view, it is understood, is that tall men are apt to be more rugged than the others, better able to stand hardships and privations. Against this there is the superior agility of the short soldiers. The performances of the Japanese armies seem to remove all objections as to lack of height for active service.

Bantam battalions should become popular in Canada and it might be worth while to increase opportunities of enlistment under desirable conditions for those of short stature. The fast recruiting of the 216th Battalion is a reminder that there are a large number of short men available. Perhaps there is a Napoleon in the ranks of the popular Montreal unit.”