100 Years Ago: Report of John Phelan’s Death Untrue, National Service Cards

The Intelligencer December 30, 1916 (page 2)

“Mr. J. V. Truiasch of the Belleville Post Office staff, has received a communication from the Militia Department, Ottawa, in reference to Lieut. John Malcolm Phelan. It is to the effect that he was transferred from the 80th Battalion to the 47th Battalion. He was officially reported wounded but evidently returned to duty on November 11th.

It will be remembered that Lieut. Phelan was reported killed about the 7th of December, but this was certainly an error as letters received in Belleville, written by him, bore the date of December 11th, 1916. Lt.-Col. Barragar to-day received a letter from Lt. Phelan bearing the date of December 11th.

His many friends in this city will be pleased to learn that the report of his death was erroneous.”

The Intelligencer December 30, 1916 (page 6)


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