100 Years Ago: Banquet for Staff of 235th Battalion

The Intelligencer January 10, 1917 (page 2)

“A splendid banquet was given at the Quinte Hotel last evening, by Captains Meath, MacLean and James of the 235th Battalion, to staffs of their departments. The boys lined up to the number of twenty-five, at the Headquarters Office, and marched to the Quinte, where they did ample justice to a well served meal. The toasts of the evening were ‘The King,’ proposed by Captain Meath. ‘The Officers of the 235th Battalion,’ proposed by Quartermaster Sergeant Ince, and ‘The boys who help us keep our jobs,’ proposed by Captain Meath.

The fun grew as the evening lengthened, and songs and speeches were the orders of the day. Great fun was caused by the excellent elocutions rendered by Captains Meath and MacLean. The comradeship noticed between officers and men augurs well for the future, and many of the men made silent avowals that they would willingly pass through ‘hell’ if need be, for such officers. The evening concluded with ‘God Save the King,’ sung as only the soldiers can sing it.”