100 Years Ago: Patriotic Fund Appeal, 235th Hockey Team Wins

The Intelligencer January 13, 1917 (pages 1, 6)

“A Call to the Citizens in General is made by the Canadian Patriotic Association for Tuesday evening in the City Council Chambers. Every citizen is requested to be present. Last year the contributions donated by Belleville reached $30,000. This sum, it is expected, will be greatly increased during the present year.

Give Now to the Patriotic Fund. If ever you would give—give now. ‘Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens’ ”

The Intelligencer January 13, 1917 (page 8)

“235th Turn The Tables on Kingston Team. Holding the ‘Nacs to the score of 2–2 in period one, gaining a lead of 6–4 in the second and completely out-playing them in the last period was how the local 235th Belleville team defeated the Frontenacs here last evening, the final score being 11–4. The game was very fast throughout and very often the ‘Nacs which were far heavier than the locals used their bodies quite frequently, drawing many penalties for their roughhouse tactics. …

For the visitors, Millan was their most effective player, while for the locals every man on the team showed up well. Cryderman, though a sick man, played a most consistent game, working hard throughout. Sammy Symons, and the Whalens, on the forward line were in their highest form, and had it over the visitors like a tent. Of the Belleville defence, Scott, Pimlott and Mitchell, nothing too good can be said of their work. They worked hard during the whole game, and were very effective in their rushes.”