100 Years Ago: Rules for Unemployed Senior Officers, Meeting for Men Only, Quinte’s Own 254th Battalion

The Intelligencer January 19, 1917 (page 1)

“Drastic Orders for Supernumerary Officers. London. The Canadian authorities here are dealing in drastic fashion with the problem of several hundred unemployed supernumerary officers of senior rank. Colonels and majors, without appointments, in the Shorncliffe area numbered 238 a few months ago, and the total since has greatly increased. Their unemployment is due partly to the breaking up of battalions, partly to amalgamations, and mainly to the absurd system of giving civilians entirely without military knowledge or qualifications high military rank.

Every senior officer without employment is now offered the choice of reverting to junior rank and filling any vacancy immediately available, or returning to Canada.”

The Intelligencer January 19, 1917 (page 2)

“Meeting for Men. Capt. J. E. McCorkell, who left Belleville with the 39th Battalion two years ago, and who is now at home on furlough from the 5th Brigade Machine Gun Co., will address a mass meeting for men only, that is to be held in the City Hall at 3 o’clock on Sunday afternoon, and which is to be one of the big features of the Citizens’ Recruiting Campaign to be launched by the 235th Battalion to-morrow.

Capt. McCorkell leaves on Monday next to rejoin his unit in France, and this will be an opportunity for his townspeople to hear from his lips the story of ‘Life in the Trenches.’ The meeting will offer an opportunity for the distribution of pledge cards for personal service in securing recruits, and the battalion hopes that it will be largely attended. This is not, however, a recruiting meeting.”

The Intelligencer January 19, 1917 (page 8)

” ‘Quinte’s Own’ 254th (Overseas) Battalion C. E. F. Lieut. Col. A. P. Allen, O. C.

Your King and Country Need You. Join Now. Be Loyal to Your Own County Battalion and Make it a Success. The 254th.

Come on Boys. A Free Hunting Trip to Europe. You Know What for—Freedom.

Ammunition, Rifle and Clothing Supplied Free of Cost. Will You Come?”