100 Years Ago: 235th Battalion Recruiting Meeting, Ad for War Savings Certificates, Saturday Night Recruiting Parade, Ad for Gorman’s Boot Shop, Recruiting Addresses at Schools and Plants

The Intelligencer January 22, 1917 (page 1)

“Despite the inclemency of the weather last night, the Griffin Opera House was well filled by an audience which assembled after the church services to hear recruiting addresses on behalf of the 235th Battalion. The fine band of the battalion, under the leadership of Bandmaster Taugher, rendered a number of finely executed selections. …

Capt. Rev. W. G. Clarke, being called upon, said that the citizens of Belleville were to be congratulated by their presence at the meeting upon such an inclement evening. The young men of Belleville were of good calibre. The question is often asked, ‘Is this Canada’s war?’ This is Canada’s war, because Germany wanted to win a prize, and that prize was Canada. From the very beginning the prize they chiefly wanted was this Canada. This is Canada’s war because it is Britain’s war, and wherever Great Britain is at war Canada is at war. …

Proceeding, Major Campbell said that if the voluntary system of recruiting is not successful in the next three months, either the Militia Act or Conscription will be resorted to. To prevent this, the speaker urged that every young man should enlist, before his Government comes along and says, ‘Now you must come’ and bring them along like so many sheep. The 235th Battalion is making one grand effort this week for this system, and he appealed to every young man and woman to help the unit carry out its campaign successfully. …

Sergt. Mellor said men were needed and needed badly. …  There are many young men in Belleville who are not in khaki. They have not measured up to their responsibility. The speaker made a strong appeal to the young men to enlist and was assisted by two gentlemen in the audience, namely Messrs. Walter Alford and W. C. Mikel, K.C., who offered $25 each to any two young men who would volunteer and be accepted by any military organization in the city. Even this tempting offer did not have the desired effect of inducing anyone to signify their intention of enlisting.”

The Intelligencer January 22, 1917 (page 2)

“Make Your Dollars Fight at the Front. Buy Dominion of Canada Three-Year War Savings Certificates.

$25.00 for $21.50, $50.00 for $43.00, $100.00 for $86.00. Individual Purchases Limited to $1500.

For Full Particulars Apply at Any Bank or Any Money Order Post Office.”

The Intelligencer January 22, 1917 (page 3)

“Saturday Night Recruiting Parade. The recruiting campaign of the 235th Battalion was launched most successfully on Saturday night in this city. In the evening a torchlight procession took place and it attracted many citizens to Front Street. Headed by the fine battalion band, the members of the Battalion who are in the city paraded up and down the Front street. Roman candles were discharged and the men carried colored lights which added much to the attractiveness of the parade.

At the conclusion of the parade an open air meeting was held at the corner of Front and Bridge streets. Brief but inspiring addresses were delivered by Col. Scobell, O. C. of the Battalion. Major Campbell, Chief Recruiting Officer for this division and Mrs. Parsons. Hundreds of citizens listened to the addresses given. At the conclusion of this part of the programme Mrs. Parsons in company with Private Webber visited the pool rooms of the city, where she gave brief but pointed addresses. At various places the talented lady was cordially received and her remarks were listened to with apparent attention.”

The Intelligencer January 22, 1917 (page 3)

“Boot Bargains. We Do As We Advertise. Gorman’s Boot Shop. Bang down go Prices. Re-inventory Sale. Sale Commences Tuesday—Come Early!”

The Intelligencer January 22, 1917 (page 5)

“Recruiting addresses were given in various educational institutes and industrial plants in the city today by the 235th Battalion. Albert College was visited this morning, addresses being given by Major G. J. Campbell, Chief Recruiting Officer of the 3rd District, and Mrs. Parsons. The same speakers addressed the pupils of Queen Mary School.

During the noon hour at 12.45, Capt. Lane and Sergt. Mellor of the 235th Battalion visited the Graham Evaporator plant, and the Canadian Steel Company’s plant was visited this afternoon by Capt. Shaughnessy, Capt. Lane and Capt. Miller.

At 5.45 this evening, Major Campbell, Sergt. Mellor and Mrs. Parsons will address the employees of Marsh and Henthorne Munitions Plant. Deacon’s Shirt Factory will also be visited by Mrs. Parsons; and the same speaker will this evening address a meeting for women in the High School.”