100 Years Ago: Patriotic Fund Campaign Committee, Posters for Patriotic Fund

The Intelligencer February 17, 1917 (page 2)

“Patriotic Fund Committee in Full Swing. The citizens of Belleville will be called upon to make an extreme effort on February 21-22-23 to keep alive the Canadian Patriotic Fund which has done such wonderful things to help the departments of our Brave Soldier Boys who are fighting and dying so that we, who stay at home, may have homes to stay at.

The Province of Ontario must raise $6,000,000. Belleville’s share of this is $75,000. Surely no citizen of Belleville would want other parts of the Province to carry the burdens of this City. This will happen if every man, woman and child in Belleville doesn’t make the greatest efforts and sacrifices to swell the receipts of February 21-22-23, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week. $75,000 is a whole lot of money and WILL NOT BE RAISED if you give just what you can spare, but all you CAN RAISE by the greatest effort.

The citizens at large should know that the campaign Headquarters cor. Bridge and Front Street are open to everyone. This is a people’s campaign, everyone in the City is a member of the Patriotic Fund Campaign Committee. There is no chosen few running the campaign. Therefore if you have not been in to offer your help or are not boosting for the success of the Fund you are not doing your duty as a patriotic citizen. Everyone must help. There must be no shirkers in Belleville from now until Saturday, and then some.

At the committee rooms the many energetic gentlemen who have rolled up their sleeves and are working hard, are in session day and night, and will be until the $75,000 is raised. So if you are not a worker be a booster. Pay yourself and get after the other fellow. Don’t let the other fellow do both.

These instructions apply also to the ladies of Belleville, as no amount of success can be expected without the assistance of the ladies. Since the beginning of the war the ladies of Belleville have taken a noble part in looking after ‘OUR BOYS.’ Showing them the delightful home hospitality while stationed here and sending them the comforts in the trenches. Once more duty calls the ladies of Belleville, and they won’t be found wanting, while the raising of the $75,000 is the men’s work the ladies must not and will not be inactive spectators but by using their moral suasion can assist wonderfully loosening up process.

Get together citizens of Belleville. Ladies, Gentlemen and Children and boost, Boost, BOOST and also PAY! PAY!! PAY!!! to the great victory campaign of 1917 and swell the $75,000 to overflowing.”

The Intelligencer February 17, 1917 (pages 2, 3, 7, 8)

“What Good Would Your Money Be if Germans Landed In Belleville? ??? Then Pay to Your Utmost To Keep Them Out !!! Patriotic Fund CAMPAIGN Feb. 21, 22, 23”

“What Have You Done For The Empire Since August 4th, 1914 ??? Prepare To Do A Man’s Share Feb. 21, 22, 23 $75,000 For PATRIOTIC FUND.”

“Are You A Man of Your Word ?? You Promised To Look After the Families Of Those Who Are Doing Your Work At the Front. Have You Done Your Share or Let The Other Fellow do it? Feb. 21, 22, 23, Patriotic Fund CAMPAIGN”

“Do Your Share to Raise The $75,000! There Must Be No Shirkers in Belleville—Feb. 21, 22, 23—History Days”