100 Years Ago: News of the 254th Battalion, Thurlow Red Cross Association, Officers Revert to Ranks to Get Overseas Quickly, Back Yard Gardening Encouraged, Need for Farm Help, Poster for Canadian Naval Patrols

The Intelligencer March 24, 1917 (page 2)

“Grand Concert by 254th Band. An audience that filled the City Hall was present last evening at the concert given by the 254th Battalion Band, assisted by Miss Mae Wallace, elocutionist; Miss Joy Higgs, violinist; Miss Maysell Stork, soloist; and Mrs. R. Lewis, pianist. …

Col. Allen, Capt. Sandford, Lieut. Hinchey and the band of the 254th Battalion will be present this evening at a Patriotic meeting to be held in Shannonville. …

Capt. Wallace, who has been in charge of the 254th’s recruiting station at Tweed is spending the weekend in the city. He will leave for Campbellford on Monday. …

Divine service will be attended by the 254th Battalion in the Baptist Church to-morrow morning. The Roman Catholic members of the battalion will attend St. Michaels in a body parading at 10.20 a.m. …

Col. Adams O.C. the 155th Battalion, has sent word to Col. Allen, O.C. the 254th Battalion, that he is returning the colors of the 155th Battalion to be deposited in Belleville.”

The Intelligencer March 24, 1917 (page 3)

“Report of Thurlow Red Cross Association. The society has the best report it has ever had. The workers started in with good New Year’s resolutions and in the first three months have knit 1381 pairs socks.

Mrs. James McCreary of Halston, won the silver teaspoon donated by Dr. J. A. Faulkner. She knit 24 pairs of socks entirely by hand in the month of February.

Mrs. Harry Frederick won the cheese knife donated by Mrs. John Heard.

The bag of flour, given by Mr. Wm. Lingham, of Cannifton, was drawn for and won by Mr. Henry Fenn. He very kindly gave it back and it was auctioned and bought for $9.00. Altogether $31.50 was made on the flour and Mr. Lingham’s gift was very much appreciated.

The ladies are now busy selling tickets on the tablecloth donated by the Ritchie Co.”

The Intelligencer March 24, 1917 (page 4)

“Many Officers Have Reverted to Ranks. (Ottawa Journal Press) A large draft of artillery men and officers are leaving for the front in a very short time. These men have been eagerly awaiting sailing orders for the past month, as nearly all of them have chums already in France, serving the Canadian guns.

A feature of this draft is the large number of officers who have given up their commissions and reverted to the ranks, that they might get into action sooner. Four qualified artillery officers enlisted as gunners during the last three days.”

The Intelligencer March 24, 1917 (page 5)

“To City, Town and Village Dwellers in Ontario ‘Many mickles make a muckle.’ …  The hour has arrived when the efforts of every man, woman and boy who can help to increase production will count in the scale of victory. The helpful possibilities of back yard gardening are immense.

Towns and villages have, as a rule, much larger garden spaces than the crowded and congested large city. Think of the effect upon the high cost of living if every one would grow vegetables!

Ontario Department of Agriculture.”

The Intelligencer March 24, 1917 (page 7)

“Urgent Need of Farm Help. The following telegram was received this (Saturday) morning from Toronto. It expresses clearly the need of the hour, and it is to be hoped that every possible assistance will be rendered. …  Editor The Intelligencer, Belleville, Ont. The call of the Empire for more food is urgent, but the Ontario farmer cannot respond unless labor is available for seeding, which commences early in April. Immediate action is imperative if assistance is to be given.

Will your patriotic committee kindly call an emergency meeting and ascertain whether retired farmers and others in your community are willing to help. Co-operation with Boards of Trade and other organizations interested is advisable. Your co-operation should be gratefully appreciated. Organization of Resources Committee: Sir John Hendrie, Chairman.”

The Intelligencer March 24, 1917 (page 9)

“Come along Canadians! Men are wanted to help Britannia ‘Rule the Waves.’ Get overseas at once by joining The Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve Overseas Division. …

Experienced men from 18 to 45 may enlist for service in the Canadian Naval Patrols to guard Canadian Coasts. Apply at once to Commodore Aemilius Jarvis.”