100 Years Ago: Poster to Encourage Food Production, Captain Wallace Receives Gift in Tweed, Farm Labour Needed for Seeding, Ad for Collars

The Intelligencer March 31, 1917 (page 4)

“The Empire’s Emergency Call. Instead of now embarking upon the critical period of the great war-struggle with every confidence of victory, what if we were to-day bemoaning a lost war! Such an unthinkable catastrophe would undoubtedly be ascribed to the food shortage. Help to increase production!

A Vegetable Garden for every home. The Ontario Department of Agriculture appeals to Horticultural Societies, labor unions, lodges, school boards, etc. to take the initiative and actively encourage vegetable growing.”

The Intelligencer March 31, 1917 (page 7)

“Capt. Wallace Surprised. Tweed Advocate. Capt. Wallace, who has been in charge of local recruiting for the past five months and has been transferred to Campbellford, was given a surprise by the boys of the Tweed Platoon and local members of the Artillery on Friday last.

While engaged at his office duties at his desk in the drill hall the boys formed a circle round him and Sergt. Deeks, on behalf of the local platoon and Gr. Brown on behalf of the artillery, presented him with an autostrap shaving set with leather case as a token of the esteem in which he was held by the boys in khaki. The Captain was taken completely by surprise and in responding he assured the boys that the gift would be highly prized by him and he would ever cherish in memory the many pleasant associations of the days spent in Tweed.”

The Intelligencer March 31, 1917 (page 13)

“Be a Sinew in the Colossus of Production. A call to Sow that we may Reap. Ontario’s farms stand in dire need of labor at this seeding time. …

There is about one man per hundred acres left on the farms—not enough! Unless labor is forthcoming in thousands—men and boys—the farmer cannot now sow even a normal harvest, much less the increase the Motherland expects Ontario to produce. Organization of Resources Committee, Parliament Buildings, Toronto.”

The Intelligencer March 31, 1917 (page 14)

“SOMME ‘Some Collar’ ‘Somme’ is the name of the new W.G. & R Collar—and it is a radical change in collar designing. Note the smart lines of this collar. The points, if desired, may be slightly turned up in front, which adds to its stylish appearance. Two rows of stitching give another smart touch. Lots of tie space. ‘Slip On’ buttonhole. W.G. & R. Products are Sold in Belleville by F. W. Millard, The Ritchie Co., Ltd. Quick & Robertson.”