100 Years Ago: Graham Company to Rebuild After Fire, Male Teachers Encouraged to Assist on Farms, Memorial Service Held for Sergeant McCrodan and Private Mondeville

The Intelligencer May 8, 1917 (page 2)

“It will be gratifying to the citizens of Belleville and vicinity, to learn that the Graham Company will restore their premises in this city, which were destroyed by fire on the morning of April 11th last. Plans and specifications have been prepared and the work of rebuilding will be proceeded with at once. It will be an extensive plant, fire-proof and up-to-date in every respect. …  It is confidently expected that the cold storage and packing plant will be completed by the 1st of September of the present year. The increase in the plant the company feel they are justified in making, and expect the farming community to assist in more production of food stuff.

The company have already orders which will keep them busy packing until next spring. This means that much vegetables will have to be secured.

Mr. J. Bone, in conversation with a representative of The Intelligencer, stated that in addition to the large evaporating plant the Graham Company will erect at the station, there will be another branch for the Fruit Machinery Company, which at present is doing an extensive fruit business. …  The railway sidings leading into the new premises from off Pinnacle street will be concreted between the rails, so as to enable driving upon them to be done. When completed there is no doubt but that the building will not only be an ornament to the city, but will provide employment for a large number of women and men. Work is already being commenced in the preparation of the foundations for the buildings.”

The Intelligencer May 8, 1917 (page 5)

“Teachers for Farms. Chief Inspector Cowley, of Toronto, has issued a circular to all the male teachers in city schools, urging that those who are capable of assisting on farms, and who are able to go, to arrange with the local inspector through the principal of the school, and that the period of leave, which should commence as early next week as possible, will include ten school days.”

The Intelligencer May 8, 1917 (page 5)

“Memorial Service. At St. Thomas Church on Sunday evening a memorial service was held for the late Sergt. T. H. G. McCrodan, and Pte. Frank Mondeville, who were recently killed in action. The Rector, Ven. Archdeacon Beamish in his discourse referred in an appropriate manner to the departed heroes. During the service the Dead March was played by Prof. Wheatley, organist of the Church.”