100 Years Ago: Christ Church Choir Comfort Club, 15th Battalion Makes Good Start, Robert Black Drowns on Hospital Ship, Vincent Smith Invalided Home, Women May Now Vote

The Intelligencer May 12, 1917 (page 2)

“Christ Church Choir Comfort Club held their annual meeting in the Parish Hall last Thursday evening. This club aims to send field comforts to those of its members having either relatives in this country or whose relatives are unable to furnish them with extras. During the year we have sent 50 parcels, 51 pairs of socks and have 7 pair on hand. We have raised by giving teas, concerts, etc., $148.94: expenditure, $126.41, balance on hand, $22.53.

Many letters have been written to the boys, and acknowledgements received from them assure and encourage us to further our efforts for them. We thank all friends who in various ways have helped our club by donations, etc., and ask for future like kindnesses.”

The Intelligencer May 12, 1917 (page 3)

“15th Battalion Makes Good Start. In response to an appeal many citizens last evening assembled at the Armouries for the purpose of signifying their intention of joining the 15th Battalion, A.L.I. for the purpose of drilling for the home defence.

Col. Barragar, Officer Commanding, was present, and previous to drilling addressed a few remarks to those present. He stated that instructions had been received from headquarters at Ottawa to recruit the 15th Battalion up to full strength, and he would command same. It was necessary at the present time to drill men for home defence, as well as for overseas service in case of an emergency. Men from the age of 18 to 60 years were eligible to join and drill. It was proposed during the months of May and June to drill three evenings a week, namely Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and to resume again in September. Proper instructors would be available, and he (Colonel Barragar) would give all the assistance he could, and would be present every Friday evening, which evening would be devoted to battalion drill.

He was led to believe it would be a success, and he would urge upon all present to endeavor to secure at least one recruit for the next drill. If all would act as a recruiting officer the success of the movement was assured.”

The Intelligencer May 12, 1917 (page 7)

“Invalid soldier drowned. Pte. Robert Black, whose home was at L’Amable, Hastings County, was drowned recently when a hospital ship in which he was crossing the English Channel was torpedoed by the Germans.”

The Intelligencer May 12, 1917 (page 7)

“Pte. Vincent Smith, of Eldorado, Madoc Township, who enlisted with the 38th Battalion about 2 years ago, and who has seen about a year of active service, has been invalided home, having been wounded in the Somme fight. Pte. Smith arrived in Madoc Tuesday and despite the fact of hardships at the front looks hale and hearty. Previous to going to the front Pte. Smith spent some time in Bermuda.”

The Intelligencer May 12, 1917 (page 9)

“Women May Now Vote. Toronto. Hon. I. B. Lucas to-day announced that he had proclaimed the Ontario Franchise Act, which gives the vote to women and returned soldiers. The proclamation will be published in the Ontario Gazette on Saturday.

The proclamation of the Act brings into force all the recent amendments passed. Assessors will prepare their rolls under the new Act, instructions for which have already been sent out. It also means that any municipal elections of bye-elections held in the Province from now on, all women, so entitled, under the Act will have a vote.”