100 Years Ago: Poster for Y.M.C.A. Campaign, Green and White Circle Holds 100th Meeting, Slackers Returning from United States

The Intelligencer May 22, 1917 (page 2)

“Serve by giving. Y.M.C.A. With His Majesty’s Canadian Forces on Active Service. Help Y. M. C. A.—Help Soldiers! Thank You!”

The Intelligencer May 22, 1917 (page 2)

“The Women’s Patriotic and Red Cross Association of this city, which has done such magnificent work since the commencement of the war, would not have been able to do so if it had not been for the splendid organization of its large number of Circles, which are spread throughout the city. One of them, the Green and White Knitting Circle, held its hundredth meeting at the Y.M.C.A. …

The rotunda was beautifully decorated with flags and the tea rooms with trilliums, the color scheme, green and white, was in evidence everywhere. …  The 254th Band being on its last leave could not be present as expected, but the guests were entertained by a victrola, which was kindly loaned by the C. W. Lindsay Limited.

The members of the circle fitted admirably into their respective positions doing all in their power to make the event a success. One of the pleasing features of the meeting was the presence of Mrs. Col. Lazier, who has been President of the Association since its formation. …  Mrs. (Dr.) Yeomans, who is at the head of the Circles, presented Mrs. (Col.) Lazier with a bouquet of roses from the different circles of the Association. …  the reception was voted by all to be a great success. The proceeds amounted to about $25.

This Association, which is comprised of a large number of the ladies of our city continues its wonderful work and the members of the Green and White Knitting Circle are second to none in their earnest and successful endeavor.”

The Intelligencer May 22, 1917 (page 5)

“Slackers Are Now Returning. The immigration authorities are up against new problems following the entry of the United States into the war. The greatest of these worries is the influx of travellers from across the border, who total for the past week 1,200. The selective conscription is given as the reason why more than 500 stepped from trains at the various stations in Montreal last night to take up their residence in Canada.

A great many of them passed across the border to the States following the talk of conscription here. They are now believed to have returned to avoid the drastic laws put into effect in the United States to capture slackers.

Every foreign born resident of the United States has until June 1st to get out of the country without hindrance. After that date every man physically fit who comes under the selective conscription ages will be forced to enlist whether of foreign birth or not.”