100 Years Ago: Souvenirs from the Somme, Martin Deibert Enlists

The Intelligencer June 14, 1917 (page 2)

“Souvenirs from Somme. Three brooches, souvenirs of the battle of the Somme, and twenty finger rings, all made from aluminum taken from German shells, have been received by F. B. Naylor, of this city, from Gunner A. Bochetey, Somewhere in France, who enlisted at Belleville and went overseas with the first Canadian Contingent.

Gunner Bochetey acknowledges with thanks receipt of boxes of good things from Mr. and Mrs. Naylor, and says he is ‘doing his bit’ to drive the Huns back to Berlin.”

The Intelligencer June 14, 1917 (page 5)

“Young Belleville Artilleryman Was Honored by His Church Associates. Martin Deibert, of Belleville, who has enlisted with the Cobourg Heavy battery was on Sunday last at Holloway Street Church Sunday School presented with a fountain pen and the following address:

Dear Martin: It is with deep regret that we learn of your leaving us, but we are proud that another member of our Sabbath school has so nobly answered the call of the colors and enlisted, not only to fight for King and Country, but that the demon militarism which breaks pledged words and oppresses the weak may be crushed out, so that abiding peace may come to the world as a blessing to us and to the unborn generations.

As a teacher and member of our school you have always been a cheerful willing helper and not only your class which you have endeared to you through example and painstaking teaching, but the whole school feel they are suffering a distinct loss in your departure. …

And now as a memento we ask you to accept this fountain pen, which we hope will prove of service to you, and that its use will recall to mind the knowledge that although far away, and seas divide, the thoughts and prayers of the superintendent, officers, teachers and scholars of Holloway St. Sunday school shall follow you.

Our hope and prayer is that this war may soon cease and that you may be, through God’s mercy, spared to return, and resume work with us. Signed on behalf of school. G. T. Woodley, Supt. Kerr, Secretary.”