100 Years Ago: Herbert John Dawson Receives D.S.O., Eat Fish Instead of Meat

The Intelligencer July 10, 1917 (page 3)

“Lt.-Col. H. J. Dawson Gets D. S. O. Official confirmation has been received on the report that Lt.-Col. H. J. Dawson of this city, officer commanding the 59th Battalion, which was recruited in Kingston, has won the D.S.O. Col. Dawson is now in France, where he has been for some time, and it was while in action, for his bravery and heroism under fire that he won the coveted honor.”

[Note: D.S.O. = Distinguished Service Order.]

The Intelligencer July 10, 1917 (page 4)

“Eat Less Meat. How often has it been said by expert dieticians that we ought to eat less meat. Particularly in the summer months we load up our systems with too much meat. …  Today the meat problem is becoming serious, and those who are familiar with the situation are seeking the co-operation of the public to make the supply go as far as possible.

To stop eating meat one must find a substitute, and Ontario is happily placed with having a substitute that costs nothing to produce, which can when a good home market is developed, be handled at a price far below what is the present cost. The substitute is fish. …  Fish could be sold in Ontario at a much lower price than what obtains on the market at present if people would only learn to use it more frequently and the dealers were able to handle it in sufficiently large quantities to buy more economically. This important consideration is being placed before the people of the Province by the Organization of Resources Committee. …

On patriotic grounds, on economic grounds and—particularly during the hot weather—on the ground of health, it is good to eat more fish. Think it over tomorrow when arranging for dinner.”