100 Years Ago: Ontario Premier Commends Boys for Farm Work, Mrs. Dunnan Completes 250 Pairs of Socks

The Intelligencer July 27, 1917 (page 5)

“Ontario Premier Writes to Boys. Premier Sir William Hearst has written the following letter to the 5,000 high school boys who have gone on the farms for their vacation: ‘You are now rendering to your country, to the allies, and to the cause of civilization the greatest service which you can possibly render. At this time when the production of more food is absolutely essential to the winning of the war you are helping the Province of Ontario to take the place which it ought to take.

As prime minister of Ontario I wish to convey to you the thanks of the people of this Province for the manful part that you are playing. But the need for your services is even greater now than it was in the springtime, when you answered the call to help in food production. Harvest will be upon us in a few days, and the country needs your help to garner the bountiful harvest which you have, in a large measure, made possible. Therefore, I appeal to you to continue your patriotic service until the harvest is over.’ W. H. Hearst, prime minister.”

The Intelligencer July 27, 1917 (page 7)

“Doing Her Bit. Mrs. Dunnan, who is over 70 years, and who resides at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. Thomas Montgomery, Reeve of Rawdon Township, has since the war commenced been busy knitting socks for the boys at the front. This week she completed her 250th pair. This is certainly a record Mrs. Dunnan has reason to be proud of.”