100 Years Ago: Ad for Sunlight Soap, Ad for Wrigley’s, Conservation of Food Supplies Discussed

The Intelligencer August 13, 1917 (page 3)

“10 A.M.—and Sunlight Sue, her washing through, is knitting Socks for Soldiers.

Think of wash-day as a day of SUNLIGHT. Forget all about old-time trials, troubles and hard work. Look forward to wash-days as to other days, because you use Sunlight Soap.”

The Intelligencer August 13, 1917 (page 5)

“He’ll Be Happy When He Gets This. Whether ‘Jim’ is on a man-of-war or in a trench, he’s going to have long-lasting enjoyment and a lot of benefit from Wrigley’s. The Famous Chewing Gum. The Flavour Lasts!”

The Intelligencer August 13, 1917 (page 5)

“Conservation of Food Supplies. A meeting of the Organization of Resources Committee, Hastings County Branch, was held in the City Hall on Saturday. …

Mayor Ketcheson occupied the chair and introduced Dr. Parks of Toronto, organizer of Resources Committee for the County of Hastings. Dr. Parks, in addressing the meeting, referred particularly to three important subjects: organization, production and waste. …  Dr. Parks eulogized the women of Ontario for the splendid work they had accomplished and for their enduring patriotism and believed if the men would work as consistently that the object the committee had in view would be realized. …

Warden McLaren, on behalf of the county of Hastings, assured the meeting of the county’s co-operation in furthering the interests of the committee. …

Mayor Ketcheson was confident the city of Belleville would do everything consistent with the public welfare to insure the success of the movement.”