100 Years Ago: Forestry Battalion Soldiers from Belleville Mentioned in Despatches, Former Bellevillian Wounded, Ad for Wrigley’s, Requests for Tobacco

The Intelligencer September 10, 1917 (page 2)

“Mentioned in Despatches. Among those ‘mentioned in despatches’ for gallant conduct, and especially valuable services to the Empire, were the following members of Forestry battalions from Belleville: Lt.-Col. B. R. Hepburn, M.P., Major D. B. Campbell, Lieut. A. S. Fleming. The latter is a son of Capt. Fleming of the Fishery Department residing at Belleville.”

The Intelligencer September 10, 1917 (page 2)

“Former Bellevillian Wounded. Flight-Lieut. George E. Howard of the R. N. A. S. was wounded in the leg on Monday last. It is presumed that he received the wound while flying in France. The Lieut. went overseas with the University Training Company at the end of January. He is a graduate of the University, this year. Howard, who is twenty-one years of age, is the son of Mrs. E. T. Howard of 3 Vermont Avenue, Toronto.

Flight Lieut. Howard was well known in Belleville, where with his mother he resided for some time. He was a graduate of the High School here, and had many friends.”

The Intelligencer September 10, 1917 (page 4)

“Wrigley’s. To Somebody Somewhere at the Front— Every day boxes from home are going to the boys in the trenches. And of the things they get, a great prize is Wrigley’s—the Gum with Lasting Flavour.

It takes the place of food and drink in case of need—which is often. It keeps spirits up—gives vigour and vim. A packet in the pocket lasts a long time. The Flavour Lasts!”

The Intelligencer September 10, 1917 (page 6)

“Canadian War Contingent Association. The following cable has been received from Mr. J. G. Colmer, Honorary Secretary of the Canadian War Contingent Association, London, Eng. ‘Should welcome regular supplies Canadian smoking, and chewing tobacco. Remember we have large number of men to look after.’

Any contributions of tobacco or money to purchase same will be gratefully received by the Belleville Branch of C.W.C.A., 62 West Bridge St. Phone 600. Miss Eve Panter, Ass’t. Sec. for further information.”