100 Years Ago: Eddie Elliott Returns Home, Canada’s Conscript Army, Poster on Pay for Men Selected Under Military Service Act

The Intelligencer September 29, 1917 (page 2)

“Lieut. Elliott Home. Lieut. Eddie Elliott, second son of Mr. John Elliott, manager of the Standard Bank, Belleville, arrived home on Thursday afternoon and was very heartily welcome. Lieutenant Elliott left here with the 80th Battalion, and later being transferred to the front, was associated with the 54th.

Whilst at the front, he contracted blood poisoning, and was confined to a hospital for some months. He has received his permanent discharge, and a rest, it is hoped, will restore him to his former vigorous health.”

The Intelligencer September 29, 1917 (page 3)

“The New Army. Canada’s conscript army will enjoy but a brief stay this side of the Atlantic if present arrangements are adhered to. Immediately after mobilization Grade A men will be entered upon a fourteen weeks’ training syllabus, but according to the official understanding at the moment this training will not be progressed with very far in Canada before the men will be sent overseas to receive their real training in camps already prepared for them.

This move has the approval of the military authorities on both sides, and therefore it is not unlikely that many thousands of the draftees will spend the winter overseas, where conditions are more favorable to training.”

The Intelligencer September 29, 1917 (page 10)

“Pay Will Be The Same. Men selected under the Military Service Act will receive the same pay as those now on active service receive. Pay will start from the time a man reports for duty. Money from the Patriotic Fund and Separation Allowance will also be available for selected men.

A considerable number of men who have enlisted in the Canadian forces have found themselves better off under the army rate of pay, which is granted in addition to board, lodging, clothing, equipment, transportation, etc., than they were while in civilian positions. Their wants are provided for, and they receive a steady addition to the bank account each month. Issued by The Military Service Council.”