100 Years Ago: Patriotic Tea Given, Y Donation Shower, Poster for Food Service Pledge

The Intelligencer October 11, 1917 (page 2)

“A Patriotic Tea. On Monday, Thanksgiving Day, during the afternoon and evening, a large number attended the tea given by Miss Fleming at her home, 267 John Street. The reception hall and drawing room were beautifully decorated with ferns and autumn leaves, while the dining room looked very pretty with cut flowers. Many friends assisted Miss Fleming during the afternoon and evening. The housekeeper’s table and home-made candy table were well patronized.

During the evening a number of young girls, many of them pupils of Miss Fleming, entertained those present with recitations and singing, which was thoroughly enjoyed. The proceeds amounted to $62.00, which was disbursed as follows: C. W. C. A., $20.00; Red Cross, through Mrs. (Col.) Lazier, $27.00; R. T. Trench Workers $8.00; W. B. W. W., $7.00.”

The Intelligencer October 11, 1917 (page 2)

“Donation Shower. A very successful ‘Y. Donation Shower’ was recently held at the home of the President, Mrs. John Williams, Charles street, city. As a result thirty-six pairs of socks containing many acceptable comforts for our boys are being forwarded overseas.

In writing from France to thank the members of the society for a previous contribution of socks and insect shirts, Captain C. T. Sharpe said: ‘I am opening a new branch in a day or two near a branch in which are the remnant of the 39th branch and the drafts from the 155th both Belleville units. He says he ‘marvels at the work each parcel represents’ and also that ‘things are very bright here just now and everyone is optimistic. They never were pessimistic, but the great advances make us unusually happy.’

The President and members of the ‘Y’s’ hope that Captain Sharpe will be able to distribute the box recently packed among the Belleville boys with whom he is working.”

The Intelligencer October 11, 1917 (page 6)

Poster for Food Service Pledge“To Serve You—Sons of Canada—and to serve your comrades, the women in hundreds of thousands of Canadian homes have pledged themselves and their families to observe the Food Service Regulations.

Live up to your Food Service Pledge.”