100 Years Ago: Canned Goods Can Be Sold, British Red Cross Day Coming

The Intelligencer October 15, 1917 (page 1)

“Canned Goods Can Be Sold. Ottawa. ‘Canned vegetables’ may be now sold without restriction in Canada. An announcement from the food controller’s office states that the embargo of August 24 upon the sale and purchase of peas, beans, tomatoes, beets, celery, corn, spinach, rhubarb and pumpkins preserved in cans, glass jars or other containers has been raised.

The lifting of the embargo applies to the three maritime provinces, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, in the three prairie provinces the prohibition was withdrawn some time ago. The announcement adds that the embargo has been effective in stimulating the consumption of fresh vegetables and increasing the supply of canned vegetables available for the coming season.”

The Intelligencer October 15, 1917 (page 4)

“On Thursday, October 18 Canadians will have another opportunity of assisting the wonderful work of the British Red Cross, an organization worshipped by the soldiers and sailors for the constant miracles of joy and comfort brought to the sick and wounded through this great society which with ‘healing in its wings’ never tires in its work of mercy to human beings, battered and bruised by war. …

Canada, of the whole British Empire, is perhaps the best off as regards war conditions. …  With bountiful harvests and busy workshops Canada should break all previous records, and on Thursday, October 18th, roll up an immense fund for the British Red Cross, not only for the great good accomplished by that organization but as a national thanksgiving for the blessings of a prosperous peace in a world of war.”