100 Years Ago: Hastings County Ready for Victory Loan, Poster for Military Service Act

The Intelligencer November 3, 1917 (page 3)

“Splendid Organization Formed to Spread the Advantages of Canada’s Great Victory Loan Before the People as an Investment and Patriotic Duty. Very few people have any idea of the magnitude of the work connected with Canada’s Victory Loan. For three weeks Mr. W. B. Deacon, the County Chairman, has been tireless in organizing and has succeeded in surrounding himself with an organization which is well nigh perfect.

It is not a question of Belleville in this matter. Every village and hamlet and farmhouse right back to Nipissing District will be organized and canvassed. Mr. Deacon and Mr. W. B. Evans have travelled the county from end to end and are handling the entire undertaking in a purely business-like manner.

Teams have been formed to cover the entire field, and these teams are composed of men who have made it their business to sell. They are men of weight in their localities, and better than all, they are giving their entire time to the placing of these bonds. They will do nothing else for the duration of the campaign. …

These men as well as the team members of Prince Edward County, Lennox and Addington, and Northumberland will hold a grand rally in Belleville on Wednesday next, Nov. 7th. …  Throughout the county there will be public meetings held on the evening of November 12th. …

While Belleville, being the county seat is the headquarters of the Victory Loan, the committee rooms on Campbell street are by no means local, but the radiating centre of activity. In this office at all times will be found Mr. L. R. Terwilligar, the county secretary, and Mr. Terwilligar will be pleased to have anyone call and have the loan explained. He is a very busy man now and glories in it.

The publicity committee expects the co-operation of every citizen of Belleville in boosting for the loan. Make Canada’s Victory Loan known to every man, woman and child in the county by talking, by placing advertising matter in windows, by displaying Victory Loan stickers, which can be secured at Headquarters, 10 Campbell St., on automobiles, in windows, etc., by lending space in their advertisements, and by boosting in every conceivable way for the success of Canada’s Victory Loan for 1917.”

The Intelligencer November 3, 1917 (page 11)

Poster for Military Service Act“November 10th. Last Day for Reporting for Service or Claiming Exemption. Issued by Military Service Council.”