100 Years Ago: Poster for Conscription, Noise Planned for Victory Loan Campaign Launch, Poster for Military Service Act, Poster for Women to Buy Victory Bonds

The Intelligencer November 7, 1917 (page 1)

“Dangerous Waiting—Report To-day. From many parts of the country comes word that the number of men presenting themselves to the tribunals in connection with the Conscription Act are far less than should be the case. In other words, of the six hundred thousand young unmarried men who belong to the list from which the first draft of soldiers is to come, less than half have yet submitted themselves to the tribunals. Yet less than a week remains in which they must appear.

Evasion Not Possible. Those who are holding off in the hope of evading detection are making a foolish blunder. Sooner or later they are pretty sure to be caught. Everybody will be invited to give information as to evasions of the law. An anonymous card sent to headquarters will be sufficient clue for the military police; they will do the rest.”

The Intelligencer November 7, 1917 (page 3)

“Hearing from Charlie. Everything that can make a noise is expected to do it on Monday next. The church bells will be rung, fire-bells and factory whistles will be turned loose so that the people of Belleville will be aware that the Victory Loan Campaign has been launched in Belleville.

Mr. Chas. Hannah will be in charge of this end of the publicity, and we expect to hear from Charlie.”

The Intelligencer November 7, 1917 (page 4)

“Immediate. Three Days More to Report for Service or Claim Exemption …  on or before November 10th, 1917. All that is needed immediately is for the report or claim to be made on the forms obtainable at any Post Office in Canada, and left with the Postmaster for transmission.

Go to Your Post Office Today!

The Intelligencer November 7, 1917 (page 7)

“Women of Canada, Make Your Money Fight for Your Boys. Canada’s women have been foremost in all good works in the war. In thousands of mother hearts are the wounds of the greatest sacrifice the war has demanded of our people. Their spirit of self-denial, their patience in suffering, have inspired Canada’s men to greater and still greater effort.

Canada’s Victory Bonds give you mothers, and wives, you sweethearts and sisters of Canada’s boys in the trenches the opportunity to fight shoulder to shoulder with them in France.

You can fight with your money when you put it into Victory Bonds just as truly as though you stood beside your boy with a rifle in hand.

So you women of Canada have an interest second to no other in the success of the Victory Loan.

Buy Victory Bonds with your savings. Urge your friends to buy. Use your organizations to influence everybody in your community to make Canada’s Victory Loan a real weapon for Victory in the war.

Canada’s Victory Loan Campaign will begin Next Monday, November 12.”