100 Years Ago: Now for Two Million in Victory Loan Campaign, William Davy Wounded and Missing, Donald Walker Welcomed Home, Poster for Victory Loan

The Intelligencer November 30, 1917 (page 2)

“Belleville Can Make It Two Million Dollars. With only one more day left in which it will be possible to buy Victory bonds the rush to get in on the offering is increasing hourly. The staff at headquarters is rushing day and night getting out the reports and receiving the returns, and writing applications. For that reason it will be necessary to keep the headquarters open until 12 o’clock Saturday night to accommodate the late comers, and clear up the big Saturday returns. …

Last night the Citizens’ Celebration Committee met at the office of Mr. Arthur Jones, manager of the Molson’s Bank, and it was decided to invest the money which is held in trust by the Bank in Victory bonds. The amount is $800.00. This is a most satisfactory thing to do. The money will be helping to end the war, and after the war is over the Citizens’ Celebration Committee will once more become active with a nice little nest egg with which to greet our men upon their return home from the victorious battlefields in conquered Germany.

The interest taken this week in the contest for the Victory bond in Griffin’s Opera House was such that Mr.Griffin has decided to make another bond which will be given away. Upon both these occasions if the lucky number is in the house, no matter who brings it, the owner will be given a $50.00 Victory bond.

The northern parts of the county are coming along in great style. While some places were expected to only give about $2,000 they have come across with $25,000. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with the good old County of Hastings. Let everyone get together and give ONE MORE GREAT BIG BOOST FOR THE VICTORY LOAN AND TOMORROW NIGHT IT WILL REGISTER $2,000,000.”

The Intelligencer November 30, 1917 (page 7)

“Wounded and Missing. Mr. A. Davy of Bancroft, has received the sad news that his son, William, had been severely wounded and was missing. He was a signaller, and has been overseas for a year and a half.”

[Note: Gunner William Henry Davy died on November 6, 1917. He is commemorated on Page 226 of the First World War Book of Remembrance.]

The Intelligencer November 30, 1917 (page 7)

“Welcomed Home. Pte. Donald Walker of L’Amable, Hastings County, was given an enthusiastic welcome by the citizens of Bancroft when he arrived home on Friday last. ‘Don’ was in the trenches for nearly three years, and in May last was severely wounded when he lost the sight of one of his eyes.”

The Intelligencer November 30, 1917 (page 11)

Poster for Victory Loan“You Must Decide Now! Here’s the situation—You are either going to buy Victory Bonds or you are not. If you are going to buy—why wait longer? You’ve read or heard all of the reasons. Every effort that is humanly possible has been put forth to make you buy. So, men and women—HURRY!

The lists close midnight to-morrow, but don’t wait for the last day’s rush. Wire—phone—or take your subscription to the local Victory Loan Headquarters to-day.

Be A Shareholder In Victory!”