100 Years Ago: Over Two Million for Victory Loan

The Intelligencer December 3, 1917 (page 1)

“The success of the Victory Loan was beyond the hopes of the most optimistic worker. When the final returns are compiled it is expected that there will be more than $2,250,000 reported from the county. The original objective was $805,000, and the city of Belleville has nearly passed the fifth objective. No place in Canada has reported a better showing than Belleville. …

Mr. F. Buckley of Murney Street, was the lucky winner of the Victory Bond at Griffin’s on Saturday night. The theatre was packed and the choice of fate was a popular one. Next Saturday night another bond will be given away at the popular playhouse.

The workers of Belleville will be entertained at a supper at the Quinte tonight by Mr. W. B. Deacon, the County Chairman and the Victory Loan Organization Staff.

The publicity end of the campaign has been most successful, thanks to the co-operation of all the good people of the county. The press should be particularly thanked for the whole-hearted way in which they have turned in to help the cause. …  The merchants have also been most generous in lending their space in the newspapers, and display in windows.

The Griffin Amusement Co., through their popular representative here, Mr. Geo. Forhan, has been most generous in supplying publicity, by the introduction of slides, the playing of the ‘Miss Canada’ film, and in allowing the use of their stage for appeals from the members of the different theatrical companies that have played here. …

The most remarkable thing about the Publicity Campaign is the fact that it did not cost one cent.”