100 Years Ago: Gunner Denyes Wounded, Christmas Message to Canadian Mothers

The Intelligencer December 15, 1917 (page 2)

“Gunner Denyes Wounded. Mr. H. K. Denyes, of this city, has just received word that his son, Gunner Earle Stuart Denyes who was with the Heavy Artillery at the great drive at Cambrai had been taken to the Hospital at Boulogne wounded. He was Lieutenant with the 254th Battalion before joining the battery.”

The Intelligencer December 15, 1917 (page 14)

“Christmas Message to Canadian Mothers. Ottawa. The following Christmas message to Canadian mothers from Major-General S. C. Mewburn, C.M.G., Minister of Militia and Defence, was issued to-night:

‘Mothers of Canadian soldiers: As the Christmas season, dedicated by the immemorial custom of our race to domestic joys and the happiness of children, approaches, the thoughts of your countrymen turn to you. Many family circles are incomplete, and at many firesides there is the sadness of irreparable loss. The sacrifices which our country has made upon the altar of freedom and of justice are in the largest measure your offering, sanctified by your suffering, ennobled by your tears. To you, then, I say that that sacrifice has not been in vain, for it has contributed to the sure and certain victory of right over might, of liberty over intolerable oppression, of things lovely and of good report over things abominable and unspeakably evil. …  To you the nation offers its homage, gratitude and respect. …

Canadian mothers, may this Christmas time bring happiness to your homes and peace to hearts that are sad; but may it also bring a high resolve that we will face every privation and exert every effort in order that this our most righteous cause, the cause of all the free peoples of the world, in which our honor and our interest are equally engaged, may be brought to a glorious conclusion. ‘S. C. Mewburn.’ “