100 Years Ago: Plenty of Coal for Belleville, Day of Special Prayer to Be January 6th

The Intelligencer January 5, 1918 (page 1)

“Plenty of Coal in Sight for Belleville. The fuel famine situation which is causing so much concern in Canada and the United States at the present time looks decidedly better as far as Belleville is concerned.

Ten days ago Mr. Belair, Manager of the Schuster Co., purchased for his company sixty cars, approximately 3,000 tons. This consignment is Mine Run Anthracite in large chunks and not prepared in regular sizes. The reason for this being purchased was because there seemed to be no other available coal in the market at the time, that is no prepared sizes. This coal is coming along now and six cars have already been received with sixteen more this side of Bridgeburg, Ont. If the railroads are not blocked and do their part the entire sixty cars should be here in the course of the next thirty days.

The city crusher has been obtained to crush this coal, but new jaws had to be secured from the Greenleaf Co. for the purpose, creating a delay of about a week. In a nutshell this shows that Belleville will not suffer for the want of coal, and prepared sizes will be furnished the public as required.”

The Intelligencer January 5, 1918 (page 3)

“King Appoints Day of Special Prayer. Sunday, January 6th, has been fixed by proclamation as a special day of prayer throughout the Dominion. The proclamation cites the following message from the King:

To My People: ‘The world-wide struggle for the triumph of right and liberty is entering upon its last and most difficult phase. …  We have yet to complete the great task to which more than three years ago we dedicated ourselves. At such a time I would call  upon you to devote a special day of prayer that we may have the clear-sightedness and strength necessary to the victory of our cause. …  Let us seek to be enlightened in our courage in facing the sacrifices we may yet have to make before our work is done.

I therefore hereby appoint Jan. 6th, the first Sunday of the year, to be set aside as a special day of prayer and thanksgiving in all the churches throughout my dominions and require that this letter be read at the services held on that day.’ “