100 Years Ago: Report from Thurlow Red Cross, Ad for Cowan’s Cocoa, Letter of Thanks for Christmas Cigarettes

The Intelligencer January 18, 1918 (page 2)

“Splendid Work of Thurlow Red Cross. The last packing was held in Gowsell’s Hall the first Tuesday in December. The different societies were well represented and there was a fine lot of goods to pack. Owing to the holiday it was decided not to have a packing until the first Tuesday in February. It will be an all-day packing with dinner served by the Girls’ Vimy Ridge Club.

Acknowledgments have been received from the Canadian War Contingent Association in London, England, saying the boxes all arrived safely and were so much appreciated. A great many individual letters of thanks have been received from boys who got Christmas boxes and socks.”

The Intelligencer January 18, 1918 (page 5)

“Endurance!—Aerial warfare is playing a most important role in this world war. Without our Aviators the artillery would be blind and useless.

Those who have to endure intense and nerve racking duties need to be primed up and fortified for the occasion. There must be no clog in the smooth running machinery of the human body. Eyes must be clear, brain quick and body normal. In order to meet these necessities proper care must be given to diet. Food must be consumed that is rich in Carbo-Hydrates, Proteins and Fats.

COCOA—when mixed with milk is the ideal food drink to meet these requirements.

For the best and surest results be sure you get Cowan’s Cocoa—’Perfection Brand’ Purest and Best.”

The Intelligencer January 18, 1918 (page 7)

“From Gunner Merrett C. Richardson to Edgar Bateman, 311½ Front St. Dear Edgar:—Many thanks for your box of cigarettes. I happened to be the lucky one in a draw ‘Xmas Day. Oh, how I did enjoy a good smoke on you, and I do love our old Canadian cigarettes. I must say I had a very nice time this ‘Xmas. I have had two in France and this one in England in Hospital, wounded four months ago and getting along very good, two weeks out of bed, will soon be able to fight once more or go back to our dear old Canada.

My home is in Toronto and I left there over two years ago with the 21st C.F.A. Well, I must ring off, hoping you had a happy ‘Xmas and a good old New Year, and many of them. Wishing you the best of health and many, many thanks for your kind thoughts. I don’t know if I am writing to a boy or a man, but God bless you. We are all trying to do our bit, and you are doing the same.

Will close with love and good luck to you. Hoping to hear from you soon. Bye, bye. Yours truly, No. 644524 Gunner C. Richardson, C.F.A., 16th Canadian Hospital, Orphington, Kent. Eng. Ward 4, B. 14.”