100 Years Ago: Letter from Charles Carson to His Father, Girls Study Remedial Massage

The Intelligencer January 21, 1918 (page 2)

“From Chas. H. Carson. To his father, Mr. Chas. Carson, Belleville Station P.O. My dearest Dad,—Many, many thanks for the delightful parcel, which I received from you yesterday. It was in perfect condition on arriving and the contents were doubly valued because I know they were selected and sent by you.

I am trusting all the time that you are all right. My last was the one Esther wrote for you. I understand all quite clearly so don’t worry, dad, about letters to me. If you could write I fully realize that you would do so; so how would it be to just let things drop in this line, and when you have an opportunity of getting someone to write to me do so. If you will just take good care of yourself and don’t get sick I will look forward to getting home soon; then it will not be necessary to write letters, will it?

I sent a little remembrance from this country to you all. I hope you received it all right. Just four more days before Christmas and the outside appearance looks just like a real Canadian Christmas. There is a thin layer of snow on the ground that fell a few days ago and has been preserved by the frosty weather and the trees are a real picture covered with frost, the nearest thing in appearance to Canada that I have seen since I left. It certainly makes one close his eyes and dream of a real country that he hopes soon to see.

By accounts in the paper I see Borden’s Government has been re-elected. I am certainly glad. It means more to the men over here dad, than the people at home realize. Now I must close, again thanking you for your dear parcel. I am ever, Your loving son, Chas. H. (With kisses and prayers).”

The Intelligencer January 21, 1918 (page 7)

“Eighty girls from all parts of Canada have enlisted with the Military Hospitals Commission to undertake a course of instruction in remedial massage and to serve in a Canadian Military Convalescent Hospital for a year after graduation.

They undergo a course of physical instruction to qualify them for their strenuous occupation and a staff of highly qualified instructors teach them the various subjects required in order to obtain the certificate of a qualified masseuse. The school is situated at Hart House, Toronto.”