100 Years Ago: Patriotic Fund Payments, Notice from E. Guss Porter

The Intelligencer January 26, 1918 (page 2)

“Contributions to Patriotic Fund. Council resumed at 10 o’clock, Warden Montgomery in the chair. …  Mr. J. Elliott, Manager of the Standard Bank in Belleville addressed the Council in reference to what was being done by the County of Hastings Patriotic Fund.

‘We have now on the list the names of 260 women who are receiving remuneration from this fund,’ said Mr. Elliott. Last year $34,100 was paid out. The total received since the organization commenced was $60,801.65 and the expenditures $60,106.19. The postage last year amounted to $137.90.

The speaker also referred to work of the Belleville Cheese Board in regard to patriotic giving. The work done by the Board cannot be overestimated. The Association at Christmas time send overseas 300 parcels of which number 118 from Tweed. The village of Tweed sends us hundreds of dollars worth of goods, and it does not benefit in our disbursements.”

The Intelligencer January 26, 1918 (page 7)

“Notice. Soldiers and Their Dependents. The time and labor I am obliged to expend in attending to the business of soldiers has become so great that it is seriously interfering with my professional and personal business and I am obliged to arrange so as to avoid this condition as much as possible.

I will devote Friday of each week to the business of soldiers and their dependents and will be obliged if they will call upon me only on that day, when I will be pleased to give them every attention without any charge as I have always done. E. Guss Porter.”