100 Years Ago: Notice to Coal Consumers, Coal for Belleville, Girls to Train for Farm Work

The Intelligencer February 2, 1918 (page 6)

“NOTICE To Coal Consumers. In order to relieve the present situation, all applications for Hard Coal must be presented at the office of the Local Fuel Commissioners at the City Hall, which office has been established as a clearing station to aid in a more equal distribution of coal until such time as the situation becomes more favourable. By Order, Local Fuel Commissioner.”

The Intelligencer February 2, 1918 (page 6)

“Coal for Belleville. Mr. Thomas Wills, fuel controller of this city, telegraphed to Mr. McHugh, of Pittsburg, Pa., Deputy Fuel Controller of the United States, in reference to coal. Today a reply was received by Mr. Wills, which conveyed the pleasing intelligence that 10 cars were being shipped to Belleville.”

The Intelligencer February 2, 1918 (page 10)

“To Train Girls For Work On Farms. Toronto. Classes to train girls for work on farms are being started by the Department of Agriculture of the Ontario Government. Girls will be trained on farms near the city in the most practical way possible. The first of these classes of these 20 young women will start on Saturday afternoon next, and will be held at Sunnybrook Farm, owned by Mr. Kilgour.

The girls will drive out to the farm, learn to hitch and unhitch the horses, feed the chickens and pigs, do all kinds of chores, and above all, learn to milk. Every Saturday afternoon this training will continue until April 1, when the girls will go out like hired men, to work on farms for six months.”