100 Years Ago: Ad for Wrigley’s, Belleville Fuel Controller Busy

The Intelligencer February 4, 1918 (page 4)

Ad for Wrigley's gum“Wrigley’s For Your Soldier!

‘Bless the girl! She never forgets to keep me well stocked with Wrigley’s.

Teeth, breath, appetite and digestion all benefit from it. Thirst and fatigue fade away. Pluck returns by its magic aid. After every meal. The Flavour Lasts!”

The Intelligencer February 4, 1918 (page 5)

“A Busy Official. Without doubt the busiest city official these days is Mr. Thos. Wills, Fuel controller, and his position is by no means a sinecure. Saturday and today his office was besieged with citizens who were sorely in need of coal.

One car came in to-day and was soon emptied at the siding where it was placed. Although it was given out in somewhat small quantities, it did not meet the demand. Other cars are on the way to the city, and should reach here tonight or tomorrow morning.

In the meantime the cold weather continues.”