100 Years Ago: Office of Food Controller Abolished, Mayor Platt Issues Fuel Warning, Ad for Royalite Coal Oil, Ad for Wrigley’s, Fuel Situation, Flour by Special Delivery

The Intelligencer February 11, 1918 (page 1)

“Office of Food Controller Has Been Abolished. Ottawa. Under an order-in-council passed on Saturday the office of food controller is abolished and the functions formerly exercised by that official, greatly enlarged, will now be assumed by a new organization to be known as the Canada Food Board. …

A question that will receive immediate attention is that of mobilization of the farm labor of Canada. Steps have already been taken by the food controller to reach labor in towns and cities and make it available for the farm. Arrangements have been made for the mobilization of 25,000 boys. This force will be carefully selected, having regard to the suitability of the boys for farm work. If, after this army of useful workers has been obtained, more are found to be available, another appeal may be made for volunteers for similar service.”

The Intelligencer February 11, 1918 (page 2)

“Mayor Platt Issues Fuel Warning. In the various churches of the city yesterday the following communication from Mayor Platt in reference to the fuel situation was read:

‘Will you please announce to your congregations that the fuel situation in Belleville is such as to make it imperative that every economy should be practised for the next few weeks in the consumption of coal. No person who has fuel sufficient for more than four days’ use need apply at the City Hall or to the Fuel Controller for a supply. All persons who have a quantity larger than needed for the next few weeks are urged to share with their neighbors who may be in want.’ ”

The Intelligencer February 11, 1918 (page 3)

Ad for Royalite Coal Oil“Here is Reliable Fuel Day In and Day Out. Royalite Coal Oil.

The shortage and high price of coal and other fuels mean no great discomfort to homes equipped for heating, cooking and lighting with Royalite Coal Oil. Royalite is always the same. It will heat your rooms, cook your meals and light your home every day in the year—and do it economically.

Perfection Oil Heaters. New Perfection on Cook-Stoves. Rayo Lamps. Imperial Oil, Limited.”

The Intelligencer February 11, 1918 (page 6)

Ad for Wrigley's gum“Don’t Grit Your Teeth! Put Wrigley’s between them and bite on it! Your determination will be just as strong—stronger in fact, for you gain pluck, perseverance, renewed vigour, from this great pick-me-up.

Do as the soldiers in the trenches are doing—chew Wrigley’s to get a fresh grip on yourself.

Keep YOUR boy supplied with Wrigley’s. The Flavour Lasts!”

The Intelligencer February 11, 1918 (page 7)

“The Fuel Situation. The fuel controllers office was besieged today with applicants for coal. On Saturday the situation was relieved by the arrival of seven cars but this was soon disposed of. Yesterday a car arrived here for the Anderson Company and in response to a telegram from Mr. Thos. Wills, fuel controller, an answer was received this afternoon that a car of coal was en route to the city for N. Allen. Considerable coal is being conserved by the closing of industries, stores and offices.”

The Intelligencer February 11, 1918 (page 7)

“Flour by Special Delivery. A car of flour consigned to L. P. Hughes, wholesale dealer, was held up at Oshawa by freight congestion caused by weather conditions. On account of the flour famine here the G.T.R. officials made a special effort to get the car through and succeeded in landing it here yesterday with the aid of a snowplow in front. The flour was delivered to the local bakers yesterday, permission being secured from the civic authorities, and was speedily turned into bread for the tables of the citizens today, thus preventing a breadless day in addition to a heatless day.”