100 Years Ago: Canadian Women to Get Franchise, More Recruits for Depot Battalion

The Intelligencer February 19, 1918 (page 1)

“Women of Canada Get the Franchise. Ottawa. Universal women’s franchise in the Dominion is assured. Whether it will be enacted next session or not makes little difference.

Before the next election comes every woman in Canada who possesses the qualification in age, residence, etc., necessary for the present male franchise will obtain the vote. The assurance that the entry of women into the industrial arena would be protected by according them equal political rights with men was, it is stated, given to the Labor delegation which met here some days ago, and the results of whose deliberations with the Government on purely Labor matters was made public this morning.

About a million and a half new voters will be added to the Canadian franchise lists before another polling day is set in Ottawa.”

The Intelligencer February 19, 1918 (page 2)

“More Recruits Arrive. Thirty-five new recruits from Kingston came to Belleville last evening to be attached to the depot battalion which is being formed here. Others are expected to arrive here in the near future. At present there is 60 here including three officers.”