100 Years Ago: Vimy to Be Rebuilt by Canada, Griffin and Palace Employees to Be Paid for Heatless Days

The Intelligencer February 23, 1918 (page 6)

Vimy to be rebuilt by Canada“VIMY To be Rebuilt by Canada through the Secours National. France has gratefully accepted Canada’s offer to rebuild Vimy. One can imagine that the proud French people would never have asked for more than a loan to start life again in the devastated area. But Canada, through the Canadian Secours National, asks, as a proud privilege, to undertake the work. It will be a joyful thing for us to give this enduring pledge of our appreciation of all France has done in this war.

Give liberally. Hold concerts, plays, etc., to raise funds for Vimy; organize your society work for funds for Vimy. Make Vimy an enduring monument—and one well worth while—to our boys who, at Vimy Ridge, made the world proud of Canada.

Contributions Should Be Sent Without Delay to W. R. Johnston, Esq., Hon. Treas., 14 King St. W., Toronto, Ont. Secours National.”

The Intelligencer February 23, 1918 (page 8)

“Employees of Griffin’s and Palace Looked After for Heatless Day. Employees of Griffin’s and the Palace, and all Griffin Theatres throughout Canada will be paid full time for last Monday’s heatless day, and for the next five Monday’s in which the theatres will be closed by order of the provincial fuel controller.

This information has been secured by Manager Forhan of the two local Griffin Theatres, and is another instance of the splendid treatment accorded their employees by the Griffin Amusement Company of Toronto.”