100 Years Ago: Canada to Rebuild Vimy

The Intelligencer March 2, 1918 (page 5)

“VIMY Won by Canada—Rebuilt by Canada.

Our own Canadian boys thrilled the civilized world when in April, 1917, they stormed Vimy Ridge and pushed back the Hun.

Individual feats of heroism are too vast in number to be commemorated singly. Nor would our heroes desire us to waste money on useless monuments.

But every veteran of Vimy Ridge will approve of Canada’s rebuilding Vimy as a token of our love to France and as an enduring memorial to the boys who fought and died there.

The Canadian Secours National obtained from France the privilege of rebuilding Vimy. The Secours National will receive the funds to carry on this inspiring work. But it is you and your fellow Canadians who will really rebuild Vimy, rehousing the homeless, providing for a destitute people at least a part of those comforts that we enjoy daily as our normal right. Don’t hesitate. Though your contribution may seem small to you, it will loom large to the homeless!

Contributions should be sent without delay to W. R. Johnston, Esq., Hon. Treas., 14 King St. West, Toronto, Ont.

Secours National.”