100 Years Ago: Poster for Dominion Income War Tax, Victory War Club Entertainment Successful, Benefit Given at Griffin’s by Argyle Chapter I.O.D.E.

The Intelligencer March 8, 1918 (page 6)

“The Dominion Income War Tax. Its Meaning and Application. The Dominion Income War Tax Act, passed at the last session of Parliament is now in force and all those liable to taxation under the provisions of the Act must file the required returns for the year 1917, on or before 31st March, 1918.

The Act provides that there shall be assessed, levied, and paid upon the 1917 income of every person residing or ordinarily resident in Canada, a tax upon income exceeding $1500 in the case of unmarried persons and widows or widowers without dependent children, and upon income exceeding $3000 in the case of all other persons.

Department of Finance, Ottawa, Canada.”

The Intelligencer March 8, 1918 (page 7)

“Jack Canuck’s Treasure House. Victory War Club Entertainment Was a Great Success—Many Turned Away. Everybody was apparently after ‘The Key to Jack Canuck’s Treasure House’ last evening for the crowd began to come early to the City Hall to the Patriotic concert under the above title, given under the auspices of the Victory War Club. So generous was the patronage that before eight o’clock every seat was taken and hundreds had to be turned away.

In view of the exceptional interest taken in the entertainment and the fact that so many were disappointed in not being able to gain admittance, Mayor Platt, chairman of the evening, announced that it had been decided to give another performance.

The Victory War Club is worthy of unstinted praise for the excellence of the entertainment provided, and each one taking part deserves congratulations, for there was not a single hitch in the entire program, which moved smoothly from beginning to end.

A pleasing feature was the military drills of the Boy Scouts and Cadets, who showed great proficiency. The various drills of the little and big girls were also well done and interesting.

‘The Key to Jack Canuck’s Treasure House’ is an interesting lesson on the importance of keeping out of Canada undesirable immigrants, of developing a strong national spirit with high ideals, the keynote being ‘Canada for Canadians.’ …

Mayor Platt filled the position of chairman very acceptably, and at the close of the entertainment, on behalf of the Club, presented Miss Chrissie Turney with a prize for having sold the greatest number of tickets.”

The Intelligencer March 8, 1918 (page 8)

“ ‘Poppy’ Pleased. ‘Poppy,’ with Norma Talmadge in the title role, pleased a large audience at Griffin’s last evening on the occasion of the benefit entertainment given under the auspices of Argyle Chapter, I.O.D.E. to raise funds for the purchase of comforts for soldiers overseas.

The story of ‘Poppy’ is intensely interesting and full of heart interest cleverly brought out by the talented star, Norma Talmadge, supported by a good cast.”