100 Years Ago: Intelligencer War News, Poster for Food Production

The Intelligencer March 25, 1918 (page 4)

“Intelligencer War News.The great battle raging on the Western front has excited the keenest interest everywhere and again riveted close personal attention upon the seriousness of the German menace. Belleville, in common with all other Canadian communities, has felt the shock of conflict and the war news is eagerly read day by day and discussed on the streets and in the homes with intense interest.

The war news furnished daily by The Intelligencer to a host of readers is being very favorably commented upon for presenting in concise form the history-making events taking place on the Western front. The Intelligencer is exclusively served by The Canadian Press, Limited, with cable news from correspondents right in the war zone and chronicles daily every important happening up to the hour of going to press at four o’clock in the afternoon.

The bulletin service of The Intelligencer is also greatly appreciated and yesterday the office was besieged all day by crowds of anxious citizens eager to ascertain how the great battle was going. A special telegraph bulletin service was maintained all day to the great satisfaction of the citizens. In addition to this many telephone calls were answered and the progress of the battle announced over the wire to those at a distance. …

The Intelligencer will bend every effort to give the public the best war news service obtainable, and that this spirit is appreciated is evidenced by the fact that it seems impossible to print enough papers each day to supply the steadily increasing demand.”

The Intelligencer March 25, 1918 (page 6)

“A Week of Dedication and Preparation for the Solemn Duty Of Greater Food Production Commencing March 24th.

So imminent is disaster to the cause of the Allies through starvation—that the special Proclamation His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor, as reproduced here, has been made to —All County Councils to convene an extraordinary meeting on March 23rd to discuss ways to increase Food Production.—All clergymen to proclaim from their pulpits on March 24th the terrible truths of the 1918 food situation.—All citizens to co-operate loyally in the sacred cause of producing more Food this year.

The Crisis is with us—the time of Sowing is at Hand—the responsibility upon Ontario is great.”