100 Years Ago: All Are Interested in Casualties, Thirty Thousand Men to Be Available for Duty, Celebration Planned on King’s Birthday, Poster for Canadian Naval Service, Summons to Soldiers of the Soil

The Intelligencer April 20, 1918 (page 1)

“All Are Interested. The great battle now raging in France will no doubt touch with sorrow many Canadian homes, and messages of loved ones having been killed or wounded may be expected to reach Belleville homes. The public are interested in the brave heroes who are sacrificing so much to preserve Canada from German domination, and The Intelligencer will publish news of casualties as soon as received if the relatives will give us the information.

Telephone or personal calls will be appreciated. ‘Phone 36.”

The Intelligencer April 20, 1918 (page 1)

“Canada’s Man Power Bill Passed Commons and Senate. Special Despatch  to The Intelligencer, Canadian Press, Limited. Ottawa. It is stated today that upwards of sixty-six thousand men will be affected by the cancellation of exemptions under the order-in-council approved by both Houses of Parliament last night. Many of the men already exempted in these classes will of course be found physically unfit, but it is thought that thirty thousand men will be made available under the legislation approved by Parliament last night. Details of the calling up of these men are not yet perfected, but it will be done early in May.”

The Intelligencer April 20, 1918 (page 2)

“Soldiers’ Celebration Will Be a Hummer. Never has there been a more representative meeting than last night at the rooms of the Great War Veterans’ Association arranging for the holding of a monster celebration on the King’s Birthday, June 3rd. The citizen’s celebration committee met with the Veterans and appointed the various committees. …  It is needless here to mention the worthy aims and objects of the Veterans Association, for every person is behind our returned soldier boys.”

The Intelligencer April 20, 1918 (page 2)

Poster for Canadian Naval Service

“Officers Wanted for the Canadian Naval Service. Mate, age 23 to 40. Chief Artificer Engineer, age 25-59. Artificer Engineers, age 23-40.

The service also requires Engine Room Artificers, Carpenters, Stokers, Seamen, Cooks and Stewards. Naval Recruiting Officer, 103 Bay Street, Toronto, Ont.”

The Intelligencer April 20, 1918 (page 4)

“The Boys Are Coming. The summons to the Soldiers of the Soil was never more insistent than now when the call comes over the ocean sounding the imperative need of more fighting men to uphold the arms of Canada’s sons. …  ’Teen age boys in Canada have an opportunity now, the greatest in the world’s history, to replace the fighting men who have been called from the fields of production, and by helping to produce the most magnificent harvest in the history of Canada supply the food so urgently needed to ensure final and decisive victory.

Vacation with its pleasant visions of dreamy idleness among the blossoming hills and valleys of fair Canada and the delights of the ‘old swimming hole’ and other diversions, must be resolutely put aside in the higher joys of catching a place of honor on the second line of defence as Soldiers of the Soil.

Come on, boys! Play up and play the game for God and home and native land! and in after years each one of you will treasure with joy that S.O.S. medal which will be an honorable reminder of faithful and valued service to the Empire when the world was saved from the threat of German domination.”