100 Years Ago: Bayside Raises Funds for Red Cross, Walter Bennett Awarded Military Medal, Demand for Belleville Bonds, Ad for Belleville Patriotic Bonds

The Intelligencer April 24, 1918 (page 2)

“Bayside Raises Funds for Red Cross. On Thursday evening the 18th inst., a most successful entertainment was held in White’s Church under the auspices of the Bayside Women’s Institute. Addresses were delivered by Pte. Chatterton, Mrs. J. A. McFee and Mr. John Elliott. Most interesting and instructive readings were rendered by Mrs. Percy Mott. Music of a high character was furnished by local talent. Mr. John Hess, Reeve of Sidney Township presided, and proved a most capable chairman. At the close of the meeting refreshments were served. The proceeds of the evening were over $70.00 all of which will be used to pay for Red Cross supplies.”

The Intelligencer April 24, 1918 (page 7)

“Awarded Military Medal. Private W. W. Bennett of the 102nd Canadian Infantry Battalion whose home is at 138 Bolton Avenue, Toronto, and who enlisted in Belleville with the 80th Battalion, has been awarded the military medal for good work performed on November 18th last when the Battalion was in the line near Passchendaele.

Victor W. Oldum, Brigadier General, Commanding the 11th Canadian Infantry Battalion has written a letter extending hearty congratulations on the well earned award to Pte. Bennett. The recipient of the honor bestowed is well known to many in Belleville.”

The Intelligencer April 24, 1918 (page 7)

“Big Demand for Belleville Bonds. As was expected the citizens of Belleville are eagerly buying the issue of 6 per cent Patriotic Bonds. The selling began only yesterday and already nearly half of the entire issue has been subscribed for. The conservative investor, who is looking for absolute security as well as a liberal yield finds this an ideal investment.

The various salesmen who are placing the bonds report excellent progress, and a welcome wherever they go. The people of Belleville appreciate an opportunity to invest in their own Bonds instead of allowing outsiders to get the benefit of such excellent securities. It would be advisable for any who have not yet bought Bonds to get busy and inquire at the City Hall for prospectus as the issue will be all sold in a day or two more.”

The Intelligencer April 24, 1918 (page 7)

Ad for Belleville Bonds

“Keep the Dollar at Home! Buy Belleville Bonds. Every citizen of Belleville who has Money to Invest should grasp the opportunity of subscribing to Belleville’s Patriotic Loan. The issue pays 6 Per Cent and runs 10 years.

Belleville Patriotic Bonds Are A First Mortgage on the Entire City, without the worry of collecting interest. You simply cut your coupons. Pays double bank interest and is easily negotiated.

Belleville is the City to Live in, and Belleville is The City to Invest in. For any further information, Prospectus, etc., apply at City Treasurer’s Office, City Hall.”