100 Years Ago: The Garden Trenches, Only Sons of Farmers Not Exempted, Ad for Cowan’s Chocolate

The Intelligencer May 10, 1918 (page 2)

“War Garden Bulletin. The Garden Trenches. To sow a row of seed quickly, evenly and thinly requires care and practice. The beginner is very apt to be prodigal in his use of seed and to sow indiscriminately. This not only entails waste but causes overcrowding and corresponding injury to the plants. …  After the ground is fully prepared for planting, a piece of board or a line may be used to make straight even rows.

In the garden trenches this year Canadians are going to give very real and substantial aid to their kinsmen in the trenches of Flanders. It is anticipated that $60,000,000 worth of vegetables will be grown on the vacant lots and in the backyard gardens of Canada this year, or twice the amount grown last year.”

The Intelligencer May 10, 1918 (page 4)

“Only Sons Are Not Exempted. From the published statements of military officials it was understood that only sons of farmers who remained on the farm, and the last remaining son on the farm with brothers in military service would not be subject to the latest call to the colors of young men from twenty to twenty-two years of age. It now appears that this assumption is entirely erroneous, that the cancellation of exemptions has absolutely no exceptions.

That only sons should be left on the farm commends itself as an eminently fair proposition and no doubt many cases of genuine hardship will result by reason of the fact that the Government can not see its way clear to make this exception. However, we must have faith in the Government which, knowing the seriousness of the war situation, has a disagreeable duty to perform whether it likes it or not. …  The Government has assumed the responsibility of taking the lads from the farm and time will demonstrate whether or no this extreme step was justified.”

The Intelligencer May 10, 1918 (page 5)

Ad for Cowan's Chocolate“Little Miss ‘Maiden’ Canada. Hand It Out To Them as They Pass—Or better, send them half a dozen bars of this nourishing chocolate. There is many a brave fellow hungry today in the trenches, who will appreciate this highly concentrated food more than anything else. Positively the finest eating chocolate made, 5c. and 25c. sizes.

Cowan’s Active Service Chocolate.”