100 Years Ago: Farewell Party Held for Charles McLean and Vincent O’Neil, Poster for Registration

The Intelligencer June 5, 1918 (page 2)

“Farewell Party To Soldier Boys. A large party of friends met at the home of J. S. McLean, 8th concession of Tyendinaga, to wish Charles McLean and Vincent O’Neil good-bye and good luck upon the event of their leaving home for overseas service. They were each presented with a wrist watch from their friends and a prayer book and testament from the Myrehall Red Cross.

The following address was read by Miss Jennie Alford: To Mr. Charles McLean and Mr. Vincent O’Neil. Dear Charlie and Vincent,—We, your friends and neighbors, have gathered here this evening for the purpose of bidding you farewell before your departure for overseas service. We feel sure that your loss will be felt most keenly in your home. We will miss you greatly from our surrounding circle and neighborhood where we always found you willing to lend a helping hand. We feel that we could not let this opportunity pass without showing some little token of the high regard in which you are held. …

We now ask you to accept these watches, hoping they will help you to remember the friends you leave behind. We all join in wishing you good luck and a speedy return to home and loved ones. Signed on behalf of your friends, Henry Alford, John Goodfellow.”

The Intelligencer June 5, 1918 (page 6)

Poster for registration“5,000,000 cards to be filled out. 5,000,000 certificates to be issued. 150,000 workers to be enlisted. 25,000 registration booths to be operated.

Registration a Stupendous Task. One Day – Saturday – June 22nd.

Volunteer Workers Urgently Needed. To carry out this vast programme efficiently and completely, intelligent voluntary helpers are essential. Individuals, women’s societies, clubs, fraternal societies, church organizations and municipal organizations are asked to help.

Interpreters of all languages will be required. Those qualified should apply to the Registrar of their district at once.

Issued by authority of Canada Registration Board.”