100 Years Ago: Soldiers of the Railway Corps, Ad for Wrigley’s, Patriotic Garden Party Held

The Intelligencer June 10, 1918 (page4)

“Soldiers of the Railway Corps. Railway men who have gone from Canada overseas to help win the war are doing wonderful work, and with their customary iron nerve and dauntless courage in the face of danger are daily adding to the glory of Canada’s participation in the war. Running a train under constant shell fire isn’t exactly parlor croquet when a German shell may shift the track any moment or reduce the locomotive to junk, or suddenly administer the uplift to a car of ammunition, but the railway men ‘over there’ carry on through it all.

It is gratifying to note that a Belleville railway man, C. S. Underwood, was recently awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for outstanding bravery under fire in removing cars of ammunition from a blazing ammunition centre which was being heavily bombarded by the enemy, and also remaining in the face of a German advance, to replace on the rails a ditched supply train, thus preventing it from falling into the hands of the Boches.”

The Intelligencer June 10, 1918 (page 5)

Ad for Wrigley's

“Wrigley’s. It’s the great wartime sweetmeat. Send it to your friend at the front. It’s the handiest, longest-lasting refreshment he can carry.

Chew it after every meal. The Flavour Lasts. Three Kinds: Spearmint, Juicy Fruit, Doublemint. Made in Canada.”

The Intelligencer June 10, 1918 (page 7)

“Successful Garden Party. A garden party and afternoon tea was held at St. Agnes School grounds, Bridge Street East, on Saturday afternoon and evening. A large number partook of the dainty refreshments provided by the ladies.

The proceeds were for the Belleville Branch War Contingent Association and a goodly sum was realized for this worthy object. The grounds and tea room presented an attractive appearance, being tastefully decorated for the occasion.”