100 Years Ago: Poster for Registration, Registration for Five Million Men and Women

The Intelligencer June 18, 1918 (page 3)

Poster for registration

“Here is the Day YOU Register. On June 22nd, Saturday, every man and woman, resident in Canada, who is 16 years and over, must attend at one of the places provided for registration.

Why the Certificate is so Important. Unregistered persons cannot lawfully purchase transportation tickets, and may find themselves barred from travelling on railroads, steamboats, etc. Similarly they may be denied board and lodging at any hotel, restaurant, public house or boarding house.

This Certificate is YOUR Protection. Get it and Carry it. Issued by authority of Canada Registration Board.”

The Intelligencer June 18, 1918 (page 4)

“Card-Indexing the Nation’s Resources. Canada is about to gather her available resources for the last great drive that shall send the Hun reeling from the conflict into which he plunged the civilized world four years ago. …

The information that registration will provide will constitute a solid basis, upon which the Government can intelligently formulate and put into execution all its war policies. After registration the Government will have a clearer understanding of the capabilities of the country for production; they will know how much of Canada’s human energy is being uselessly expended. …

The registration of 5,000,000 men and women in one day is in itself an enormous task, but Canadians can be relied upon to meet it as they have met every major task imposed by the war.”