100 Years Ago: William Luscombe Discharged, Ad for Gillette

The Intelligencer June 21, 1918 (page 5)

“Splendid Service Record. Lance Corporal William Luscombe, who is a resident of Belleville, obtained his discharge on Tuesday last, June 18th. He joined the colors on January 5th, 1915, and went overseas in June as Sergeant, and gave up his rank to go to France. He has been in some of the fiercest battles and has been wounded three times, the last being a serious wound in the abdomen, caused through gun shot at the battle of Vimy Ridge.

He was in the Hospital for six months, and landed in Canada on March 17th, 1918. Corp. Luscombe’s friends will be pleased to know that he has obtained his discharge, and that he has done his duty to the colors nobly and well.”

The Intelligencer June 21, 1918 (page 10)

Ad for Gillette

“Register June 22nd. The Man-Power of Canada includes The Young Men of Sixteen.

It need come as no surprise that young people of 16 should be counted in the man-power of the country. War has altered many things, and today a youth is called upon to do a man’s work—and is doing it, too!

In farm and factory, office and store, any boy with the right spirit in him will not stay long at the bottom of the ladder. People commence to call him ‘Brown’ or ‘Mr. Brown’, instead of ‘Willie’ and he has got to live up to it!

He cannot go around any longer with down on his chin and upper lip. A boy doing a man’s work must have a man’s razor. Do you know such a boy who might hesitate to buy himself a Gillette Razor? Give him the strong moral support of a good ‘clean shave’ daily throughout life.

Gillette Safety Razor Co., of Canada, Limited.”