100 Years Ago: Belleville Board of Trade Discusses Coal Situation, Food Purveyors’ Ads Must Include License Number, Fine Potato Crop

The Intelligencer July 10, 1918 (page 1)

“Coal Question Taken Up By Belleville Board of Trade. At the monthly meeting of the Board of Trade held last evening, there was a goodly number of members present, and during the session several matters appertaining to the city’s welfare were discussed. After considerable discussion a committee was appointed to investigate the coal situation in the city having especial reference to the price charged. …

President Marsh said he had obtained prices from several places and the only place where the prices were the same as Belleville was Peterboro. This was a serious question affecting Belleville, said the President, and something should be done to equalize conditions in the city. …

Mr. C. J. Wills—The Fuel Controller cannot regulate the price as he has not the authority to do so. He does not receive a cent for the time he spends as Fuel Controller, but is paid a salary for another civic office he holds. The local controller cannot dispute the figures which are given him by the dealers. …

Mr. W. B. Deacon was of the opinion that some other person than the Fuel Controller could get quotations better than he could. Our Fuel Committee is run by a bunch of amateurs, said Mr. Deacon, who stated that last winter the committee procured some coal at $3 per ton and sold it for $12. This Fuel Committee has got into a muddle in this matter. We cannot blame our coal dealers for the price they secure. The coal dealers should be asked to come to the Board and explain the coal situation. There is a feeling that we are paying too much for coal.

He moved that a committee composed of Col. Marsh, Messrs. C. M. Reid, H. F. Ketcheson, W. B. Deacon and E. P. Frederick be appointed to confer with the coal dealers as to the supply and price of coal. …  The motion of Mr. Deacon was unanimously adopted.”

The Intelligencer July 10, 1918 (page 1)

“Notice to Advertisers. The Daily Intelligencer has been notified by the Canada Food Board that all purveyors of food who publish advertisements in the newspapers must insert the number of their license in each advertisement, as follows: ‘Canada Food Board—License No. ____.’

Those under license asked to observe this notice are: Grocers (wholesale and retail), bakers (manufacturing and retail), manufacturers of breakfast foods and cereals, millers, retail butchers, fish dealers (wholesale and retail), dealers in fresh fruits and vegetables (wholesale and retail), canners and packers.

The Food Board earnestly requests the fullest co-operation of those interested in the observation of this regulation. The Intelligencer trusts that all advertisers will note the request.”

The Intelligencer July 10, 1918 (page 5)

“Fine Crop of Potatoes. Mr. George Ketcheson, residing on Alexander street, in this city, has a patch of potatoes of which he is justly proud. Yesterday from one hill he secured six potatoes whose combined weight was two and three-quarters pounds, which is exceptionally good for this season of the year.”