100 Years Ago: Great War Veterans Association Replace “God Save the King” with “O Canada,” Ad for Gillette Razors, Ad for Purity Oats

The Intelligencer August 3, 1918 (page 1)

“O Canada Replaces God Save the King. Toronto. The Great War Veterans’ Association of Canada has decided to replace the British National Anthem ‘God Save the King,’ with ‘O Canada’ at the close of branch meetings.

 It was moved by an English clergyman, the Rev. J. C. Davidson now an adopted son of Canada, and carried at the convention.

Except for some doubt expressed also branches without a piano being able to navigate through the subtle modulations of ‘Canada’ no opposition was raised the mover emphasizing that it was for Canada the G. W. V. A. were anxious about.

‘It seems to me a very serious omission not to sing “Canada” at our branch meetings’ he said. ‘We are Britain’s and British subjects but we are all Canadians, and are here to further the interest of our own country. In this period of reconstruction it is expedient that Canada be first and foremost, and our national anthem brings our country more before us.’ ”

The Intelligencer August 3, 1918 (page 6)

Ad for Gillette razors

“August 4th. The Gillette Razor’s Four Years of War Service. The Gillette Safety Razor has passed through four years of war service with a clean bill of health.

It is the proud record of the Gillette Razor that it has more users than have all other razors put together in every regiment under the Allied flags.

It has gone with him to billet and reserve camp; it has shaved him in hospital and has accompanied him to ‘Blighty’. Whether its owner has been on leave, invalided home, or finally pensioned off, the Gillette has never failed to offer the daily luxury of a perfect shave..

Gillette Safety Razor Co., of Canada, Limited.”

The Intelligencer August 3, 1918 (page 6)

Ad for Purity Oats

“The Allied Armies depend on us for wheat. Our free wheat-saving recipes show you how to save your share of wheat flour.

Purity Oats is the world’s best substitute for wheat flour. Use it in all your baking.

Western Canada Flour Mills Co.”